What to Expect

Energy Pattern Reading

Fifteen cards selected from a regular deck – including the Joker –  provide the basis for an Energy Pattern Card Reading. These cards represent aspects of the client’s life that are currently in play, and apply to all areas of the client’s life; work, emotional/relationship issues, as well as pressing situations requiring oversight and decisions.

The four wings around a center grouping represent experiences of the past, the present situation, the indicated pathway ahead, options and tendencies that otherwise might not be noted (could be helpful or hurtful), and where one’s pattern begins to intersect with the outside world. This layout is extremely helpful when one is struggling to gain an overview of prevailing issues – especially in areas of deep concern. Actually seeing the structure of one’s thinking is often a good tool for enhancing clarification.

Additionally, working with techniques learned from various disciplines, I am able to help clients with their grounding, and with the alignment of their energy centers (chakras). This process allows the energy generated by various chakras to function better and to be utilized in identifying issues of concern and probable available choices. An enhanced sense of awareness of one’s life purpose is often experienced. I believe that it is not only our “job” here on the earth to reveal and utilize our wonderful gifts to the fullest, but it is also a primary source of great joy as we learn to express ourselves as the powerful beings that we truly are!