Please read what others have said about my services.

“I’ve known Cherilyn for almost 30 years. She has superior intuition and an amazing ability to perceive and relay information from “framework 2”. Because of these skills, she is able to provide a larger context for any problem one may be facing, and also is able to offer helpful advice and guidance. I find Cherilyn’s readings to be “spot on” even if my conscious mind initially resists, and I wholeheartedly recommend her abilities for any major life issues: illness/healing, relationships, and purpose/path.”

Whitney L.
Sacramento, CA

“Our company, WatzThis?, meets with Cherilyn as part of our quarterly partner review and goal setting. Our check-ins with Cherilyn give us unique insight into the interactions between us as partners, and the past, present and future momentum of our business. Cherilyn has become a trusted counselor and advisor to our company. She has the ability to see deeply into the inner workings of complex business relationships and situations. She provides insight in an honest and straight-forward manner, pin pointing areas that need attention. The cards and technique that Cherilyn uses seem to be a way for her to wrap her art of understanding people and energies. She has the ability to really read and see into people deeply and she possesses the wisdom and understanding to communicate those things in a way that is meaningful and compelling.”

Eva Holland & Chris Minnick
Sacramento, CA